August 02 2021

Ljubica Marković „Ljubica - Sunce“ s.p. (en)

I live, to help people. That‘s the point of my job and I will give my best at all costs to help those, who need my help. My heart grows when I get the ability to see the happy faces of my customers. Ljubica Markovic

„Ljubica - Sunce“ s.p. exists since 1990. It‘s based in Dabovci, 12 kilometers away from Kotor Varos, it lays on the way to Teslic. The holder of it is Ljubica Markovic. The base of her work contains: collecting, breeding, buying, processing and selling medicinal herbs and aromatic plants. Ljubica Markovic from Dabovci, near Kotor Varos, looks after her friendship with nature about 40 years now and she‘s very grateful for all the presents she receives from her. Due to that she‘s very famous in her job as a non-medical practitioner in Republic of Srpska. She constantly growing collections of tea, medical herbs and other products of nature, for example: appleberries, cranberries and stinging nettles. And all of that is fully natural and organic, without any additives. Ljubica collects all that nature offers her. But what‘s truly worth as much as gold - are her own plantages. For example: plantages of marigolds, milk thistles, Echinacea and so on. Out of these are being created different mixes, that all showed as very useful. That‘s what the customers say. Due to many years of experience, Ljubica Markovic turned the village Dabovci into an Oasis of medicinal herbs. With that she gets regular support from other collectors from all regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  1. Products to improve the circulation and the vitality of the organism „Gorcica" tea blend - tincture to improve circulation - Ointment and oil for massaging
  2. Products to regulate the hormonal status for women and also helps with gynecological complaints. - "Vitex" tincture (helps to achieve hormonal balance and regulate menstruation) - Tincture "Evita 1" (helps with inflammation of the ovaries, cysts and refected infections) - "Evita 2" tincture (against cysts and fibroids, cysts on the ovaries and uterus, cysts on the breast) - Tea "Evita" (helps with inflammation of the ovaries and the uterus, destroys the cysts and slows the growth of the fibroids, cleanses wounds on the cervix, cleans the bacteria, fungi and regenerates the mucous membrane of the cervix) - T-shirt "Virak" - Tea against inflammation of the ovaries - Vaginalet - Gynecological balm (Use: externally and internally)
  3. Products for regulating blood pressure - Tea for circulation and regulating blood pressure - Onion tincture (garlic, wild chives) - Apple Cider Vinegar
  4. Products for the respiratory organs - Tea for the respiratory organs - against bronchitis, laryngitis and mild pneumonia (helps with the elimination of mucus) - tincture for bronchitis - syrup __ - Sage tea
  5. Products for the remediation of Helicobacteria - tea against helicobacteria - Tincture against helicobacteria and parasites.
  6. Tea to relieve the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids - Tea against hemorrhoids - Balm for hemorrhoids
  7. Products to relieve the discomfort caused by diabetes. - Tea to improve the performance of the pancreas. - Drops for circulation - Wine made from wild blackberries - Tea to improve kidney performance - Ointment for massages - Valerijanr tincture (for soothing)
  8. Teas to relieve the discomfort of the diggestive tract - Tea against inflammation of the lining of the stomach - and the duodenum - Tea to improve the performance of the liver, pancreas - Oil mixture (for gastritis)
  9. Products to cleanse urinary tract infections - Tea to improve kidney performance - Tea against Escherichia Koli - Tea to improve prostate performance - Sweetberry syrup - pure birch sap - Elixir "Birch Tears"
  10. Products to improve kidney performance - Tea for kidney infections - Tea for the elimination of the _ - Tea to improve prostate performance - Cranberry syrup - Elixir "Birch Tears"
  11. Tea mixtures for nerve tension - Tea to relieve nervous tension - Tea for a better sleep - Valerijane tincture - Hmelj tincture
  12. Products for weight loss, to improve the metabolism - tea for weight loss (improvement of the metabolism within the organism) - Apple Cider Vinegar - massage oil
  13. Products to improve thyroid performance - Tea to improve the performance of the thyroid gland - Elixir of the green walnut - Valerijane tincture - Tea for a better sleep
  14. Strengthening of immunity and blood count - Ehinacija tincture - Apetit tincture - Stinging nettle syrup - Blackberry syrup - Cranberry syrup - Blackberry wine with plants - Tea made from the roots of Lincure - Grass Iva
  15. For skincare and for problems with acne - Tea against allergic complaints - Marigold balm - Tincture for purifying the blood - Apple Cider Vinegar
  16. Products to relieve the discomfort of sinus problems - tea against allergies - ointment for sinuses - drops for sinuses - Inhalation tea
  17. Hair strengthening products that also promote hair growth: Apple cider vinegar and a tincture for the hair.
  18. Products intended for problems with colitis: + tincture for colitis 1 and 2, + Tea mixture to relieve the symptoms of inflammation of the stomach, duodenum, mucous membrane, intestine, abscess + Oak bark

O nama

"Ljubica - Sunce" s.p. djeluje od 1990. god. Sjedište se nalazi u selu Dabovci, 12 km od Kotor Varoš, prema Tesliću. Osnivač i vlasnik je travarka Ljubica Marković. Osnovna djelatnosti je sakupljanje, uzgajanje, otkup, prerada i prodaja samoniklog, ljekovitog i aromatičnog bilja.


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